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Word Tests



Word Flash page 1

Spelling test words (alphabet, container, equipment, magazine, reconsider).



Word Flash page 2

Spelling test words (argument, complaint, extension, interested, recommend).



Word Flash page 3

Spelling test words (adventure, electtical, instrument, limitation, resistance).



Word Flash page 4

Spelling test words (applause, insulation, quantity, technical, security).



Word Flash page 5

Spelling test words (allowance, banister, calculate, deception, employable).



Word Flash page 6

Spelling test words (accessible, barbecue, candidate, defective, elevation).



Word Flash page 7

Spelling test words (accordance, beautiful, casualty, deference, encourage).



Word Flash page 8

Spelling test words (applicator, bankrupt, creative, delicious, effective).



Word Flash page 9

Spelling test words (appreciate, brilliant, captivity, dangerous, electricty).



Word Flash page 10

Spelling test words (achievable, benefactor, catalogue, decimalize, eliminate).




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