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A New Way of Learning. I will support your learning with your memory, colours, speed, and achievement and goals, and individual point scores, I will make your mind think on how letters and words are put together in a visual world. Teachers can see your learning in your faces while playing, whereby your learning at your own speed within the learning games, this gives a more enjoyable experience and fun way of learning with all ages and adults.


Both teachers and students, schools, colleges, universities, organizations, family, or anyone who wants to learn the English Language. This is enjoyable and fun to use for all who are learning on their own, friends or in groups or teams.


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Helping Adults, Children, family's, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Organisations, Support with Special Educational Needs.


Just come in have a look at the resources.


This is a new online resources that is interactive to it users We welcome anybody that deals with the learning of English. Built for all nationality to learn English words.


Educational-Interactive-Learning are volumes with 400 learning games and 10 test learning games online, each volume having 40 tasks or games, with each task or game having four different levels of play also having 10 tests games. It was designed for the young and old games and in your home through your televisions in the living rooms which leads to, a more enjoyable way and stress free environment learning for both teachers and parents or student.


The learning games come with backdrop changes, text colour changes, definitions in the answers on words, time taken on web page, start time, end time, time taken, answer count are all in the games.


On these tasks or games please read the instructions on the task or game which are in the (Start buttons) on how these learning tasks or games are play! With a wide variety of users in mind, each task is individually designed and well-structured in a gaming environment, the user are tested on each word within the tasks or games in such a way that the user is not only learning new skills but learning these new skills in a manner that is enjoyable, interesting and with no pressure to the individual and family's or embarrassment.


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Educational-Interactive-Learning, now making the learning games to play on all platforms.

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