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Volume Ten



Words that contain (ire) page 1

Here users have to place in (ire) into 6 words out of 12 game is mouse move and clicking action of the correct words.



One vowel one letter page 2

Users have to place one vowel one letter into their right order to complete the word, 6 words in total and the game a mouse over and clicking action for correct answers.



Which word is Correct page 3

This game, users have to select the right correct word out of 3 words, total words to get correct 6, a game whereby users move mouse over and a clicking action.



What word is it? page 4

A game whereby users have 4 parts to a word, but the letters are mixed up and not in the right place to read the word, users swop the places of the letter to find the correct places and the correct spelt word and this is game a clicking action.



Read remember and spell page 5

Here user have to read the words and when ready, they select one then when ready again they have to try in that word. So they read the word and remember it, to spell it again, a text input from the keyboard or you can use the windows On-Screen Keyboard to play this game.



Letters remember and place! page 6

Users have to remember their words, to replace the missing letters 12 words in total a clicking action.



Make that word page 7

A game, whereby users have to make up words from a selection of letters in a grid total words 6 in total they have to make up, a clicking action.



Compound Words page 8

Occurs when two or more words are joined to make one longer word, Users have 10 long words to make up and this is done by a clicking action.



Long Words page 9

Here users have 6 long words to get right by placing their letters in the missing place. This is a mouse move and a clicking action.



What Word is it? page 10

A game whereby users have to put the right letters in the right order to complete the words 6 words in total and this game is a clicking action.




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