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Volume Nine



Typing Words page 1

Here user have a keyboard with letter on the keys, which allows then to complete 5 words by clicking on the line and then using the keyboard to place the missing letter, a mouse over and a clicking action.



Memory Skills page 2

Users have to use their memories on 4 words, when they are ready after looking at the words, have to recall and using a text input from the keyboard or you can use the windows On-Screen Keyboard to play this game to enter the words in.



Assembling Words page 3

This game, users have 4 words they have to remember and learn each one, whereby each word is broken into 4 segments. They have to reassemble the word in the correct order to complete that word and the game a clicking action.



One consonant and one vowel page 4

Here users have consonants and vowels to place back into words, total words 6 to complete, this game a mouse move and clicking action.



Which one is Correct! page 5

Users have to make a choice between 2 words which one is correct 6 in total they have to get right, and is a clicking action on words.



Sentences building and memory! page 6

Here users have sentences they have to read and look at 5 in total. These sentences are broken down, user have to recreate that sentence by clicking on the segments to complete that sentences.



0ne Vowel and One Consonant page 7

Users have to place their vowels and consonants back into words, a mouse over and clicking action on 6 words.



Words that contain (able) page 8

Here users have to place (able) into letters to complete the word, a total of 6 words to find out of 18 a mouse over and clicking action.



Words that contain (ain) page 9

This game, users have to place the letters (ain) to complete 6 words out of 12, this is a mouse move and clicking action.



Replacing Missing Letters page 10

Users have to replace missing letters to complete 6 words, by making the right choice of letters, a mouse move and a clicking action.




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