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Volume Seven



Letter selection (dis) page 1

Users have to add letter which are already selected, to 6 correct words out of 12 words. User moves the mouse over the words and they click for the right answers, a clicking action game.



Remembering Words 2 page 2

This game is on memory whereby users have to remember one word at a time and then when they are ready have to respell that word, total words 6 and a clicking action.



able and ible page 3

Users have to select between (able or ible) the right letters to the displayed letters a mouse move over and then they select which one is correct, a clicking action.



ie or ei page 4

Here users have (ie or ei) to a selection of letters, which are words 10 in total. This is a clicking action.



Mixed Conditionals page 5

Users have 7 words to place in sentences, a choice of two options and is a clicking action game.



3 Syllable Words page 6

Here users play around with 3 syllables words, total words 6 whereby users click on 3 parts to make up that word, a clicking action.



Which is Correct? page 7

Here users have to decide the correct word, 10 in total, a clicking action.



Which is the correct sentence? page 8

Users have a selection of sentences one at a time, whereby they have to place a word to finish off that sentence; this is a clicking action and total words 8 and a mouse over clicking action.



Memory Building page 9

This game users, have 4 words in total, like a cross word with letters missing out, users have to replace the letters, a clicking action.



Adding (ain) page 10

Users have to add (ain) to letters whereby they have to find 5 which are correct words out of 12, a clicking action.




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