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Teachers: Educational-Interactive-Learning

This web site was design solely by me I was diagnosed with dyslexia special educational needs while studying a BSc in computer and information system, and many more qualifications. Yes! I to have a report, if one person with special educational needs can achieve is work on his own, just think what your students can do, if the help and support was there for them.

This is a great tool for teachers and parents who support people with literacy disabilities. The web-site can be used to support your students at any time, in schools, in their own time or at home. Brush Up Your English Skills resources with 410 tasks in over ten volumes, enables the parents to get involved with the teaching, with the same resources used in the class rooms. The tasks or games can be play by individuals or with close friends, at home in the living room, classrooms, in groups. The teachers can play the task or game just to make sure the learners know how to play and with the teachers playing the user just want to get the best score.

It also offers the teacher a new way to monitor their users in a more enjoyable and stress free way. Users can print their results by using the print button at the top or they can use the screen print button at any time, which is on your keyboard and then paste.

There will be no advertising ads within the volumes; the space there is for the teacher's comments or guidance on help for these tasks. There will be other support from other companies and teachers support in any subject, which I will display so you can gain access to them in links. You can add the site to your favourites or get your school, college, university, or your company to network the site.

I am here to listen to your comments and suggestions about the resource or you may want to display your comment next to that task for the user, which will help then to get through it.

Flat screen televisions: These are now capable of getting onto the internet, whereby you can access Educational-Interactive-Learning through windows internet explorer and can be played on through the flat screen now. Allowing your students, parents to get more involved by giving time to their own to learn. The web site can be viewed through your Television, using the internet and some of the tasks use ketboard or windows On-Screen-Keyboard this will work with the tasks.

To access this, goto Start, All programs, then to Accessories, then to Easy Access and your find the On-Screen-Keyboard there.

I aim to give the individual and parents the chance to improve in their English skills and the teachers have a site which offers them a tool which they can use anywhere. These resources have been used in the class room in a schools environment, whereby the users have been encouraging and fascinated by playing and seeing their results and learning online.

Teachers also can use the Windows On-Screen-Keyboard with our tasks online, When using the On-Screen-Keyboard! Make sure textbox has the focus, and then use the keys on the On-Screen-Keyboard to type your words. When the users have enter the word in the text box, you must use the enter button in the game to check your results, not the enter button on the On-Screen-keyboard, has this will not work to check the users words. Teachers can use this with students who have difficulty with their fingers with their hands, allowing just one finger to click and play the learning games. Use this method to all the learning games in Educational-Interactive-Learning when using the On-Screen-Keyboard. This is offered by Microsoft Operating System, in Windows XP Home and XP Professional, and in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Microsoft New operating system.

Whiteboards : These tasks are all so suitable for whiteboards that are used in your class rooms. Allowing you to access the internet and putting your class into groups on a single task, very enjoyable for the children or students.

Educational-Interactive-Learning games, is now getting ready to work and play on all platforms.

Educational-Interactive-Learning. A New Way of Learning. Helping! The schools, colleges, universities and families also organizations to support children adults with Special Educational Needs, around the world. This site supports people with a specific learning difficulty that hinders the learning of literacy skills. It was designed for the young and old games.

Educational-Interactive-Learning tasks do have a database to collect all the data from the individual tasks, this will be displayed in graphs to users and teachers then they can keep track with their students or purples, web cam between students and teachers also I try to do for teachers, so teachers can sign in and see their sudents results and to support them, this will be done in stages.

Is in the social networks Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, in these social networks people are meeting other's around the world companies, organizations, radio stations, and teachers parents Special Educational Needs in all fields!! Some other groups in Facebook! Children and people ill in hospital very ill. Cancer, brain injury, people in wheel chairs, MS, autism, church, nuns, orphans, homeless, Doctors, teachers, schools all around the world are here, governors, nurse, parents, colleges, universities and their are lots and lots of groups in these social networks.

There are lots and lots of help for all who need the support in these areas Special Educational Needs in all fields in my networks with lots of teachers and adults, families, schools, colleges, universities, organizations offering advice so come see what's going on.

These are at the bottom of the page to access and to follow, come meet other and make new friends, you're not alone.

Do a search to find!

                              Educational-Interactive-Learning or Richard Hall in the below links at bottom of page, for networks.

  • Home Page

    New web site home page! Front end viewing through the television in the living room, leads for a more relaxing way of learning, for all the family friends or teachers.

  • Volume One page 9

    This is a task, no keyboard use for this one! Just click on the words to play this task. But some other tasks you need the on screen keyboard to play, and nice to play in living room.

  • Example page

    Example page! Here users, can just select and click to play the task, on their own, friends or with family and teachers.

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