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Try the examples above, by clicking on the text names of the tasks.


These examples will allow a user to start learning straight away! In this online interactive site, their are 410 tasks designed to support

people with specific learning difficulty in literacy skills, the tasks can be used as a tool for teachers or familys.

Try the examples to see if the learning games work on your computer first. If not down load (Java downloads and Flash and shock wave) and try again.

Educational-Interactive-Learning games, is now getting ready to work and play on all platforms.

Make sure you have (Java, flash downloaded) on your PC for the games to work.

These download are free: flash/shockwave

No need for uploading or downloading, just play and learn!

A New Way of Learning. Helping Schools Support Children, adults, families, colleges, universities, organisations with Special
Educational Needs.This site supports people with a specific learning difficulty that hinders the learning of literacy skills.
It was designed for the young and old games.

Come meet others. Do a search to find! Educational-Interactive-Learning or Richard Hall in the below links for networks.

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